Fatin Shidqia Lubis, Indonesia’s singing star-in-waiting

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An Indonesian high school student, Fatin Shidqia Lubis, has just amazed the world. Her singing performance at an audition of X Factor Indonesia has gone viral internationally. As she sang the Bruno Mars’ Grenade, her video is even uploaded at the Bruno Mars’ official website (

Fatin’s singing performance is indeed so amazing and beyond expectation. Wearing a simple high-school uniform and with the typical head-scarf just like any other Indonesian Moslem students, Fatin shocked the audience.

All the four judges gave her strong ‘yes’.

In YouTube, many videos on Fatin’s performance at the X Factor have been uploaded. One of them has even been visited  by more than 518,000 viewers even though it was uploaded only a week ago.

Fatin sings Bruno Mars’ “Grenade”

For international readers who wish to know Fatin’s words and conversation with the judges, below is the excerpt:

TV Reporter: She is only 16 years old who just went back from school

Fatin: My name is Fatin Shidqia Lubis, I am 16 years old. My daily activity is schooling, singing in a band. I hope if I can win, ameen, I may get good singing training. Further, I can get more experience. 

(Fatin proceeds to the stage)

Judge 1 (Mulan): Hello, what is your name?

Fatin: Fatin Shidqia Lubis

Judge 1: How old are you?

Fatin: 16 years old

Judge 2 (Rossa): Wow, you’re so young

Judge 1: Why are you wearing school uniform?

Judge 2: Why don’t you go home first?

Fatin: (Laughing in shy) I took a permission from school

Judge 2: You should’ve been waiting here since day time

(Jokes among judges)

Judge 2: What song are you going to sing?

Fatin: Grenade (of Bruno Mars)

And Fatin sings the song both in a perfect pitch and a strong character. Audience and all judges were shocked. Fatin just amazed them.

No one ever thought that this simple-looking female student, with a head scarf, has such an amazing singing talent.

X Factor Indonesia judges (funny-videos-chart)

X Factor Indonesia judges (funny-videos-chart)

After the performance, Fatin was demanded by at least two judges for further training. Below is their conversation on stage:

Judge 2: Do your friends know that your voice is wonderful?

Fatin: (laughing in shy) Nothing special

Judge 3 (Ahmad Dhani): When did the first time you sing?

Fatin: Since I was very young. I always sing in the bathroom. (Her mother, in the studio, confirmed the answer).

Judge 2: Fatin, why should you be that shy? Even being shy, you can sing amazingly. If you are not shy, with confidence, you can even sing much better.

Judge 3: Starting from now, you should be confident. Ahmad Dhani likes your voice.

(For readers’ information, Ahmad is a popular Indonesian musician and talent hunter).

Fatin: (Close her eyes, look very shy)

Judge 3: Your voice reminds me of Cindy Lauper. If you sing “Time After Time” (of Cindy Lauper), it will be great. Do you know that song?

Fatin: (shakes her head, smiling)

(Judge 1 and 3 sang the song’s chorus)

Judge 3: I want you to be in my place (for further training)

Fatin: (smile, look happy)

Judge 2: Please join my place

Fatin: Ok, I want to be with you

(Judge 2 screamed happily, Judge 3 showed an ‘angry’ gesture)

Judge 2: I love you, Fatiiiiin

Judge 2: I say ‘Yes’

Judge 3: I say ‘Yes’ too, but I ‘hate’ you

Judge 4: Yes

Judge 1: Yes, yes, yes, yes

(Fatin laughed happily but still in shy)

Fatin: (almost cried) Thank you very much

(Suddenly her Mother comes out to the stage to give a deep hug to her beloved daughter. Such a touchy moment).

Fatin and her Mother (playlistindo)

Fatin and her Mother (playlistindo)

Congratulation, Fatin. Trust you will get more training in the right hand. We are all waiting for you to be the next super star, for Indonesia and the world.

(YA; YouTube, X Factor Indonesia, and various sources)

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