Jokowi-Ahok, again, set up a new way of transparent governance: YouTube

October 31, 2012 • Country, People, Politician



The newly elected governor-vice governor of Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia, Jokowi-Ahok, again set up a new trend: publishing their activities through the popular social media: YouTube.

In an account titled PemprovDKI (derived from Pemerintah Provinsi DKI, or the Provincial Government of Jakarta), the site broadcasts activities of the new leaders, from leading meetings to visiting the slumps.

Even though it was set up quite recently, the account up to this date has received more than 4,500 subscribers and almost one million views.

The setting up of this account is the initiative of Ahok (the popular name of the vice-governor Basuki Tjahaja Purnama).

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“It is intended to inform the public on what the governor and vice governor are doing,” said Ahok, as quoted from Kompas, 30/10/2012. “We want to uphold transparency.”

This initiative is arguably the first in Indonesia’s governance. It certainly will assist the public in monitoring their elected leaders. Furthermore, it can ease the work of journalists who have, exhaustively, tried to follow any movement of Jokowi-Ahok. And some of them have raised ‘complaints’ that following the duo is not easy.

Indeed what have been set up by Jokowi-Ahok deserves appreciation. It is hoped that, with more transparent ways of serving the public, a better governance in Indonesia, starting in Jakarta, will further develop. It is something that the people need most at these days.

Hope others will join the movement. Not necessarily on the YouTube way, but in creating a much better governance throughout the country. (YA)







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