This week on leadership: it is (still) Jokowi-Ahok

October 19, 2012 • Country, People, Politician


New leaders, new ways of leadership.

That is sort of mantra on how influential a leader is. S/he can guide an entity toward a better direction. And vice versa.

This week in Indonesia, the leadership of Jokowi-Ahok, the newly inaugurated governor and vice governor of Jakarta, still dominate the news.

Some may argue that it is due to ‘new people on the old regime’. But others may counter-argue that these new leaders are opening a new hope: a hope for a new type of leadership who serve and focus to the most needed society.

On these days this week, Jokowi-Ahok just made an interesting debut.

First, they somewhat have made clear distinction of their roles. If Jokowi focuses on external problems, Ahok tends to manage internal challenges, or the bureaucracy.

Second, Jokowi spent most of his times visiting the slums, of which there are quite a number of them surrounding the metropolitan Jakarta. He promised to transform the areas into better places of living.

Jokowi at Ciliwung (

Third, the new leaders are not that ‘typical bureaucrats’. They meet their superiors (the president or ministers) in collegial nature. Certainly there are respects among each other. But the new leaders must have realised that it is the people who shall be treated as their superiors and therefore they should serve the people wholeheartedly.

Fourth, the new leaders (at least in the case of Jokowi) are so popular. When he and the president entered a venue packed with people at the opening of Indonesia’s Trade Expo 2012, it was Jokowi who received more applauses. In other words, a charismatic leader is arguably in the making.

Fifth, the leaders lead by example. When they want to instruct their staffs to come on time to the office, they do come on time. When they want to show to lead with modesty, they do so. No luxurious cars, no fancy uniforms, or even no special guards, of whom often cause more traffic jams in the already overcrowded Jakarta.

Jokowi and Minister Dahlan Iskan (

And some other inspiring stories on their leadership.

Unquestionably, it is too early to judge the results of their leadership in managing the public interests.

Only time will tell.

But at least, Indonesia has produced a type of public leaders that many have been dreaming at: to serve, not to be served. (YA)

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One Response to This week on leadership: it is (still) Jokowi-Ahok

  1. Berita says:

    Pimpinan baru sudah diambil sumpanya. Menang-kalah tak perlu lagi dipermasalahkan.
    Selamat buat Jokowi-Ahok, semoga amanat pilihan rakyat mampu dilaksanakan dengan bersih dan janji-janjinya terwujud.
    Hidup Rakyat!

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