Niluh Djelantik: a journey of a classy, elegant and beautiful high-heels art

October 26, 2012 • Companies, People


Niluh Djelantik Brand

It is said that beautiful shoes will bring you to beautiful places. And these lovely heels shoes will certainly bring you, dear ladies, to many beautiful moments in your life without feeling a great pain on your feet.

For shoes lovers, the marque of Niluh Djelantik, surely value the collections that are made with love and passion.

Niluh Putu Ary Pertami, or known as Niluh Djelantik, is the person behind all the success and fame of the shoes, along with ‘the boys’ aka the shoes-craftsmen at their shoes-atelier sanctuary, in Canggu, Bali. She has started the business since 2003, with the brand Nilou – a spelling twist name palatable for Europeans ears, to enter Europe market.

In 2004, her shoes were already in 20 countries. And now, her shoes, re-branded as Niluh Djelantik in 2008, are already international top-notch shoes, notorious from Australia, New York, Switzerland to Montenegro.

Niluh Djelantik (FB collection)

As an entrepreneur, she shared her basic recipe to start a business that is love. She admitted that she started the business with the idea that she simply loves shoes. In reality, her passion for shoes began when her mother, as a single mother who struggled for Niluh’s education, used to buy her bigger shoes so it lasted longer during her teenager period. So she pledged to buy herself a pair of shoes that fit when she can earn her own money.

After experiencing a rise and fall period in her shoes business, she re-started the business again in 2008 with capital 3 million Rupiah, by registering her new brand, Niluh Djelantik to make it legal. Moreover, she also has after-sales care for each shoes she and her boys team made. She aims for shoes that long lasting even after some years. She would not hesitate to do a refurbish shoes for her clients for free.

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On the global market, Julia Roberts, Gisele Bündchen and Uma Thurman proudly wear her shoes. In the summer 2012, Globus – a leading Swiss store chain – launched Bali theme for its summer sale, with Niluh Djelantik collections as one of the icons of Bali. In Indonesia, more and more Indonesian women, from celebrities to students and housewives prefer to her elegant yet comfortable high heels shoes.

Product of Niluh Djelantik

She won Best Fashion Brand & Designer The Yak Awards in 2010, as well nominated as Ernst & Young for Ernst & Young Entrepreneurial Winning Women 2012 Awards Nomination. Last Mid-March of 2012, she just launched her 250-square meter second flagship store in Bali, to indulge shoe-lovers.

Her sole-art journey then has introduced many collections of beautiful, elegant and classis shoes with high quality material, yet comfortable. In fact, comfortable is one of her essential feature in her collection. Her unique details such as hand-stitched soles or even hand-woven leather shoes that make her collection win the hearts of shoes-lovers.

Now, she is not only a shoe-designer, but also a beautiful icon to promote Indonesian creativity and to support local economy. And it has been started with her love and passion for life and shoes. (AY)

Product of Niluh Djelantik

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