Pulsk, Indonesian’s Social Media to Share Something WOW

March 25, 2013 • Companies, Entrepreneur, People, Technology



Recently, there is a quite popular expression in Indonesia, that is: “So, I have to say Wow, or what?” (“Terus, gue harus bilang Wow, gitu?”). It seems this phrase, which is used upon hearing a surprising or not-so-surprising news from a friend/relative, has inspired the new Indonesian’s social media, Pulsk.

Pulsk, the winner in Sparxup contest in 2012, is like a combination between pininterest platform plus 9gag, where the users can interact and share cool pictures, videos and articles. The site offers a numerous users-generated pictures posts, that fall into several categories, such as sport, celebrity, culinary, mystery & horror, my Indonesia, otomotive, design & photography, and many more, that can make you said, WOW! When you think that the content is really awesome or just simply interesting, you can also push the “WOW” button (similar to Facebook’s like). The more WOW it has, that post will be placed on ‘The Most WOW’ in Pulsk.

Pulsk also offers a profile page for the user or called Pulsker, with a profile picture and cover image. A pulsker also can follow other users and leave testimonials along 140 characters in a user profile page. Now, it also sounds like a new experience of friendster too, eh? Furthermore, to attract users to share interesting content posts, it also calculates how many WOW a Pulsker receives.

Pulsk is developed by a team of Rendy Bryanzah as a product engineer, Irwan Fahmy as a bussiness development, Ardian Trimurti as an UI designer and Rizwan Raiz as an art director. Targeted to users under 24 years old, Pulsk aims to facilitate Indonesians’ thirst to share new things to as many people as possible, and to entertain them at the same time.

Since its launching on September 2012 until February 2013, Pulsk has been visited by no less than 125,000 regular users. In one month, there are more than 5 million visitors and 50 million pages are accessed. While, on average, in a single day there are 3,000 contents are uploaded and 6,000 “Wow” pinned.

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