Sentul City posts Rp 180.9 billion profits


Business opportunities on property sector are believed to continue growing, especially in the country as Indonesia as economy grows significantly positive albeit posed in global economic crises.

One of the property development companies that often achieve positive records on its performance is PT Sentul City Tbk. As an example, as of September 2012 the company booked profits up to Rp 180.9 billion (US$ 18.7 million). This value is an increase of 50.69% of the same period last year that booked for Rp 120.2 billion profits.

The achievement of Sentul City’s profits were generated from sales that reached Rp 443 billion, an increase of 295% compared to the same period last year. The total sales target for 2012 is Rp 600 billion.

A view of Sentul City (

A view of Sentul City (

PT Sentul City Tbk, a company that always innovates with property products located in the convenient Sentul hill, Bogor, West Java, often comes up with interesting products that sell high. Just very recently, the company launched Sentul Tower Apartment, an apartment compound with a range of initial price Rp 200 – 400 million (US$ 20,000 – 40,000). Incredibly, all the apartment units were sold out immediately.


In general, the demands on PT Sentul City Tbk products come from the middle and affluent class. “In 2012, we released 4 new housing products with a range of price from Rp 1.4 billion to Rp 13 billion,” said the company’s Director on Marketing and Sales, Syukurman Larosa.

Beside the fresh-air and convenient environment, Sentul City is supported by adequate infrastructure and social facilities. Hospitals, schools, universities, shopping malls, and even an international convention centre that can accommodate hundreds of thousands of people. Justin Bieber and Katy Perry are among the international artists who held musical concerts in that stadium.

Sentul City International Convention Center (wonderfulsentulcity)

Sentul City International Convention Center (wonderfulsentulcity)

PT Sentul City Tbk

The company’s vision is to be the property developer of choice of customers and stakeholders because it undertakes to elevate the quality of their lives.

One of the company’s missions is to supplement the development of Sentul City with quality and innovative housing products that harmonizes with the natural environment.

The President Commissioner is Antonious Prijohandojo Kristanto and the President Director is Kwee Cahyadi Kumala.

PT Sentul City Tbk receives a number of awards, among others, Housing Estate Green Property Awards 2012, Property and Bank Award 2012, and National Museum of Records 2012.

A view on Sentul City surrounding (livingindonesiaforum)

A view on Sentul City surrounding (livingindonesiaforum)


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