Anggun C. Sasmi, the most popular asian singer in Europe

October 24, 2012 • People


Anggun C. Sasmi, a singer who originally came from Indonesia, is arguably the most popular singer in Europe. Born in 1974, she began her career in Indonesia in the 80s.

Anggun reached the peak of her popularity in Indonesia in a young age. In 1994, she left the country to expand career toward an international level. Later she was married to a European husband and her first album in English was helped by a popular French composer, Eric Benzi.

No need to wait for a long time, just three years after living in France, Anggun successfully spawned the album that made her name famous throughout Europe. The title of the album is “Snow on the Sahara”, sung both in English and French. The album spread to over 30 countries and among the best-selling album for several months.

Anggun has a distinctive voice, capable of reaching the high pitch, and has a very good singing technique. Furthermore, with the support of the people around her, she always acts professionally.

At this stage, Anggun has achieved her dream of going international and being on par with the other world-class singers. Until now the songs released by Anggun are always on the top ranking, particularly in Europe and Canada.

Anggun has made series of achievements. Among other things, she is the only Asian singer who is able to sell 3 million copies in Europe, Canada and America. She is also repeatedly nominated for the French Music Award, the Danish Music Awards, the Europe Music Awards, and the World Music Award. Her song too became the soundtrack of a Hollywood movie titled Trransporter II. More amazingly, in 2010 Anggun was appointed as an ambassador for a United Nations agency.

In 2012, Anggun took the honour as the representative of France in the Europe Song Contest, a prestigious singing contest in Europe. Anggun represented France because at present she is already a citizen of that country.

Nevertheless, on many occasions, she does not forget to mention Indonesia as her native land. Anggun is always proud of Indonesia. (DM)

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