Helmy Yahya: entrepreneurship anyone?

October 17, 2012 • People



“Being an entreprenuer is indeed not easy, but it is rewarding!”

That was one strong message delivered by Helmy Yahya, one of the most multitalented and inspiring Indonesian entrepreneurs.

The message of Helmy was quite recently delivered in a series of seminar, organized by the Indonesian students association (PPIA), held in three Australian cities: Melbourne, Canberra and Sydney.

In the seminar of which was mostly attended by the Indonesian university students, Helmy gave a powerful presentation on how to become a successful entrepreneur.

Helmy Yahya (

Supported by a multimedia presentation Helmy suggested, or provoked to be more precise, the audience to think more of becoming entrepreneurs rather than employees. And a country like Indonesia needs more entrepreneurs.

“There are advantages of being an entrepreneur: freedom of time, freedom of money, freedom of actions, and do not bother others!” Helmy told the audience.

“Is there any school that can make you a billionnaire? No. The higher of your school degrees does not mean the higher of your income will be. Being smart only is not enough. You need personal selling!”

According to Helmy, some of the mistakes of ‘smart people’ are: do not trust others, tend to be arrogant, and too calculative.

“What you need is to be brave enough in taking the risks!”

Then, how can we start of becoming an entrepreneur? Arguably, this is the most pertinent question that the audience would like to hear.

Helmy Yahya (

“Be a seller, as this is the easiest way to be an entrepreneur. If you learned from the history of Apple, McDonald and other big companies, what makes them big is about selling.”

“Based on my experience, there are several things that you can do in order to reach great successes. First, have a dream as this dream will drive us moving forward. Second, always try and never be afraid of failing. Third, must be creative and innovative. Fourth, expand your network. Fifth, be empathetic. Sixth, must be able to see opportunities. Seventh, teamwork. Eight, focused. Ninth, do not let others down. Tenth, never gets satisfied easily. And eleventh, never give up!”

As Projecting Indonesia was part of the audience as well as supporter of this event, it could be seen how motivated the audience had become after listening to Helmy’s presentation. And in his closing speech, he made a bombing statement.

“Please help Indonesia by becoming entrepreneurs!”

All audience gave their best applause as ever. (Yasmi Adriansyah, with the help of Fritz Siregar)


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