Indonesia’s capital welcomes new governor-vice, Jokowi-Ahok

October 15, 2012 • People


Lots of joy surround the inauguration of Joko Widodo and Basuki Purnama, popularly known as Jokowi-Ahok, today as the new governor and vice governor of Jakarta, Indonesia’s capital.

Thousands of their supporters flooded central Jakarta, the area that hosts the inauguration. They come to the venue to especially welcome the pair as their new leaders. Jokowi-Ahok are warmly welcome with special greetings and prayers, with a high hope to give changes in this overpopulated capital.

On the other hand, Jokowi-Ahok asked the people to keep supervising them. They said to keep their promise to focus more on the unfortunate Jakartans who have to struggle much on daily lives. They too want to better serve the people.

Inauguration of Jokowi Ahok (

The warm welcome by the Jakartans are not without reasons. First, they want to see a better Jakarta. Second, they want the proving leaders, of whom both Jokowi and Ahok are known to be successful previously as local leaders. Third, they want genuine leaders who speak naturally without polishing that much with image building or through the help of political consultants.

The rise of Jokowi-Ahok to power is certainly not smooth. Initially they were considered to be ‘peanuts’ in the tough political contestation. But the genuine-type and proven leader such as Jokowi quickly gained popularity among the public who were tired with the previous leadership.

Furthermore, Ahok himself had been much challenged due to his ‘minority’ issue. But with his humbleness and unprovoking reaction to the issue, Ahok finally succeeded winning the test.

The winning of Jokowi-Ahok would also provide momentum in the country’s political sphere. Previously lots of people thought that only money and the elite power that can control the many. But a simple leader like Jokowi and a minority figure such as Ahok can win too. In other words, Indonesian democracy becomes more and more aligning towards a better direction.

Supporters of Jokowi-Ahok on inauguration day (

Congratulations for Jokowi-Ahok. It is hoped that both of you will lead by example. It is also hoped that you, together with the people, will bring a better Jakarta, something that has been being dreamed by many, if not all, of us. (YA)


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