Mario Teguh, motivating Indonesia through ‘golden ways’

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If the United States as the super power has Anthony Robbins as its most popular motivator, arguably Indonesia has Mario Teguh, a motivator well known with his “super greeting”.

Mario is indeed a super motivator. His words and writings have been very influential in this multidiverse country. As examples, whenever he tweets in Twitter or posts motivational words in Facebook, only within hours thousands of retweets, ‘thumbs-up’ and comments show up. In other words, many love his positive words and without any commands re-share them to much broader network.

Mario, 56 years old, is not solely a motivator who gives motivation without proving experience. He was once a professional in banking industry who climbed up to the highest executive levels. Later he switched his career by becoming an entrepreneur focusing on consulting and motivating businesses. Through hard works and determination, he reached a huge success.

His success as a motivator is widely known in Indonesia. Not only can be seen from his strong existence in TV and social media networks, he too achieved a number of prestigious awards. As examples,  he received an award from the prominent media company Republika as one of Indonesia’s “agents of change” in 2009. He too received an award from the National Museum of Record (MURI) in 2010 in the category of motivator with the largest Facebook fans throughout Indonesia .

At present Mario, who studied English at the Indonesia’s Educational and Teaching Institute in Malang, East Java, and International Business at the Sophia University in Tokyo, is known as Indonesia’s most expensive motivator. On the other hands, Indonesians are still quite fortunate as they can be motivated or even ‘exploded’ by Mario as least once a week through his TV program “Golden Ways” at the MetroTVnews. Furthermore, his shows can always be watched from the online records, thanks to the free video channel YouTube.

Thus far, Mario has written four books titled Becoming a Star (2006), One Million Second Chances (2006), Life Changer (2009), and Leadership Golden Ways (2009).

Mario Teguh Golden Ways (

Mario Teguh Golden Ways (

Interestingly, many sentences coming out from Mario have become motivational quotes. Because of these, some have even labelled him as a new prophet. Fortunately Mario turned it down by stating that he is just a humble Moslem. He has just been trying to project the true and civilised face of Islam, particularly in this multidiverse Indonesia.

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