Batik Cirebon, holiday seasons, and EU President

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Christmas and New year celebrations are often linked with long holiday seasons for many. People take breaks from their busy daily routines and enjoy times with their loved ones.

On the other hand, these holiday seasons mean something different for the Cirebon Batik artists. As others take breaks, they have to work even harder since the demands on their Batik creation always increase. Visitors from  Jakarta, Bandung, Indramayu, Sumedang or even Sumatera island tend to flock in Trusmi, Cirebon, West Java. Certainly most of them buy the typical artistic products from this well known place.

“On this holiday seasons, the number of visitors to Trusmi batik village in Plered, Cirebon Regency always increases and so does the sales of Cirebon Batiks, more than the usual days,” said Rusmanto, a batik trader in Trusmi.

The designs of Batiks being sold have a range of variations, from the Sarimbit, the traditional, the inter-regional mixed, and even the ones for children.

Cirebon Batik designs (

Cirebon Batik designs (


Muhamad Anwar, another trader, says that the increase does not only happen in Trusmi but also in areas along the northern beaches of Java. “This increase shows that the locals have again favoured the national products. Furthermore, the government has actively helped promote the Batiks.”

The statement of Muhamad is indeed encouraging. And arguably, Batik is not only popular among the locals but even to the international community. Quite recently, another Batik artist and producer, also in Trusmi, claimed that she had a purchase order from the President of European Union. The President was about to wear the Batik at the Bali Summit held on 6 November 2012 in Bali.

“The ordered design was with a theme of EU-Indonesia Sustainable Friendship. The Garuda symbol dominated the Batik creation,” said Masriah, the lucky artist.

Congratulation and all the best for all Batik producers in Indonesia.




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